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Description: The three major valves in the globe family are the globe, angle, and Y. They are all characterized by a closure member, usually in disc or plug form, which is moved by an actuator stem perpendicular to a ring shaped seat. The flow passes from the inlet port through the seat to the outlet port. The three types differ mainly in the orientation of the seat to the direction of flow through the valve.

Usage: Globe vavles are used primarily for throttling purposes. They are widely used along with gate vavles in power and process piping systems. The globe valve may be considered a general purpose flow control valve.

Advantages: The globe valve is generally faster to open or close than the gate valve. Their seating surfaces are less subject to wear and their high pressure drop makes them useful in controlling pressure.

Disadvantages: Their high pressure drop may be undesirable in many piping systems. In large sizes they require considerable power to operate, thus necessitating gearing, levers, etc. Globe valves are same often heavier than other valves of the same flow rating.
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