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Gate valves
Description: Gate valves are characterized by a sliding disc or gate which is moved by the actuator perpendicular to the direction of flow. There are many variations in seat, stem and bonnet design in gate vavles. They are available in a wide assortment of sizes and weights.

Usage: Gate valves are used primarily as stop valves, i.e., fully open or fully closed. They are not normally considered for throttling purposes. They are suited for high pressure and high temperature use with a wide variety of fluids. They are not usually used for slurries, viscous fluids, etc.

Advantages: Gate vavles usually have a low pressure drop when fully open, provide a tight seal when fully closed, and are relatively free of contamination buildup.

Disadvantages: Gate valves are prone to vibration when in partially open state and are also subject to seat and disc wear. Some large size gate valves are not recommended for steam service. Gate valves have slow response characteristics and require large actuating forces.
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